Shaky Bridge Pinot Noir Rose buy wine online singapore
Shaky Bridge Rose buy wine online singapore
Shaky Bridge Pinot Noir Rose buy wine online singapore

Shaky Bridge Pinot Noir Rose 2014


You can now buy New Zealand's Shaky Bridge Pinot Noir Rose wine in Singapore! As is quite common for New Zealand's Roses, this one is very fruity, with a strongly pronounced strawberry flavour. We haven't tried it with any food personally. But to us, this wine can go on its own, very shilled and maybe with ice as well, will make a nice refreshing aperitif ahead of some proper wine night out!  

Brief facts:

  • Name: Shaky Bridge Pinot Noir Rose
  • Winemaker: Shaky Bridge Wines Limited
  • Region: Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Techs: volume 750ml, year 2014, alcohol 12.5%, acidity 5.9, pH 3.5

Tasting notes and food pairing ideas:

An inviting bright pink colour leads in to wild strawberry and cream flavours with a candy floss edge that offers a delicious drinking Rose from Pinot Noir grapes. A touch of residual sugar softens the acidity on the palate, providing a lush yet crisp finish. Perfect to drink on its own, this wine is delicious with brunch, lunch and a host of pre-dinner party appetizers.

Additional stuff:

Pinot Noir grapes are destemmed and crushed, then left to cold soak for 60 hours before the tinted Pinot Noir juice is fermented in stainless steel to retain the fresh and vibrant character of the fruit. Winemakers' goal with Rose is to create a brilliantly coloured, inviting wine that is neither bone dry nor a candy filled, sweet treat. Halting fermentation once the Rose reaches a taste-determined residual sugar level, allows to combine just a dash of sweetness to balance the fresh acidity of our fruit, adding an extra dimension of flavour and creating a deliciously easy drinking Rose for pure enjoyment.

12.0% 2014 shakybridge pinot noir rose wine pino noir pino nuar

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