shakybridge Pioneer Series Pinot Gris buy wine online singapore
Pioneer Series Pinot Gris buy wine online singapore
2013 Shaky Bridge's Pioneer Series Pinot Gris get online in singapore good value

Pioneer Series Pinot Gris 2013


You can now buy New Zealand's Pioneer Series Pinot Gris wine in Singapore! This is a "younger sister" brand from Shaky Bridge but to our personal taste, we liked it even better than the more expensive sibling from the artisan  "Shaky Bridge" range because it felt slightly less mineralised. But that was just our opinion, we suggest you give both a try! After all, they do deliver just about everything you come to expect from Pinot Gris, just with some variations of flavours.

Brief facts:

  • Name: Pioneer Series Pinot Gris
  • Winemaker: Shaky Bridge Wines Limited
  • Region: Central Otago, New Zealand
  • Techs: volume 750ml, year 2013, alcohol 13.5%, acidity 7.2m residual sugar 6.0g/l


2013 produce

  • None so far but we'd give it 3.5-4.0 on Vivino

Tasting notes and food pairing ideas:

A deliciously easy drinking Pinot Gris, the wine shows a broad spectrum of fruit flavours including peach, nectarine, lemon zest and pear. The wine makers intentionally made this wine in an approachable fruit forward style, with just enough residual sugar to balance out natural acidity and to provide a smooth, enjoyable Pinot Gris experience. This is the kind of wine you share with friends and a trusty addition to any BBQ meal or picnic table, or summer outing. 

Additional stuff:

Quality Pinot Gris grapes were harvested and slowly whole bunch pressed over 5 hours to extract the purest of juice and eliminate harsh tannins from stems, stalks and seeds. Fermentation took place at cool temperatures over a two week period in Stainless Steel with yeasts selected specifically for our style of Pinot Gris. The quality and purity of the fruit allowed for natural fining. The wine was cold stabilised and sterile filtered using crossflow filtration prior to bottling. 

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