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Armenian 10YO Brandy "Akhtamar" (VSOP)

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You can now buy Armenian brandy Akhtamar in Singapore! Akhtamar brandy is produced by the Ararat Brandy Distillery founded in 1887 and located in Yerevan, Armenia. The name of the factory and its range of brandies comes from the name of the mountain Ararat, now located in Turkey. That said, Ararat was and still is the symbol of Armenia just as Mount Fuji is for Japan. The Ararat brandies (brandy is same spirit as cognac but comes not from Cognac region in France) are known all over the world for their undisputed quality, smoothness and richness of palate. Some historians believe that PM Winston Churchill was among the most famous appreciators of Ararat brandies - a taste he developed during the historic tri-lateral meeting in Yalta, USSR during WW2. Joseph Stalin, who was hosting this ground-breaking meeting, offered Armenian brandy to Churchill who, as Stalin new, was a big cognac fan, in an attempt to warm up the initially incredulous atmosphere. Churchill liked the brandy so much that Stalin kept sending a case of brandy to him each month for many years after. 

Brief facts:

  • Name: Akhtamar VSOP
  • Producer: Ararat Brandy Distillery
  • Region: Republic of Armenia
  • Techs: volume 700ml, average age of brandy spirits is 10 years, alcohol 40.0%

Tasting notes:

Aroma – lively and elegant. The bouquet is dominated by tinges of beeswax, walnuts and oak bark with a base of vanilla and plums. A slightly dry finish is offset by hints of cinnamon. Taste – rounded, indirect and fairly sweet, manifests itself gradually and provides a seductively long finish.

Give this brandy a try and you will not waste money on overpriced cognacs again!

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