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Hello! Please find below the summary information about our wine shop. As always, just write to support@winestore.sg if you have further questions! We cover here: degustations, discounts, payment/delivery options, refund&exchange policy, wedding/social events orders, bars/restaurants, etc.


Wine degustation

You need to buy few cases of wine but you are not sure which one? Come to our office and try any! Just make sure you book your appointment in advance - simply email us at support@winestore.sg or call us at 6292 2310.

    Our discount to our members - subscribers to our mail list:

    All our mail list subscribers get a special discount coupon that gives them at least 5% on all wine. This discount is permanent and can be used as many time as you like! Here is how it works:

    • Subscribe to our mail list - get 5% off on all wine purchases
    • After first purchase - your discount increases to 6% 
    • After second purchase - discount increases to 7%
    • It goes like this all the way to 10%!

    Furthermore, from time to time we have additional one-off promotions on combinations of products or particular brands, with discounts of 10% - 15%! Please note that all discounts apply to wine only and can not be used on the promotional items or non-wine products.

    We may also offer additional one-off discounts for weddings, social events or corporate parties. More on this below.

    Payment/delivery options

    We offer free delivery on orders of SGD 150 or higher! Otherwise, a fixed SGD 10 fee is applied.

    We use PayPal to process your online payments, including credit and debit cards. It's common, 100% safe and convenient! You can also come and pay cash at our office (116 Lavender Street, #03-07, Singapore, 338730). Unfortunately we do not accept cards or personal cheques in the office, only cash.

    For delivery (unless you want to come in person to pick up) we usually use the services of Ta-Q-Bin company. We will do our best for your wine to be delivered on the next working day from your order, unless you've instructed us otherwise. In case there are some delays - we will notify you immediately. Please note that Ta-Q-Bin does not deliver to the following locations - see here We regret this inconvenience. If needed, we can leave the goods at your backdoor or with your neighbours/security but fully at your own risk.

    A valid ID supporting your over 18 age is required both for delivery or self-pickup at the office!

    Exchange policy

    We thought about this and decided that we should give you a compete peace of mind! If you don't like the wine you bought from us - please return the bottle (80% of the wine should be present) within one week from purchase date back to us for an exchange for a similar wine. We will assume you do not open all the bottles and then decide to return them. In the event of incorrect delivery we will deliver the correct item and pickup the wrong one up. Do read the wine descriptions carefully - they provide a good idea about the wines :)

    If you are not sure about the wines you want to order (especially ahead of a big order) - please come to our office and we will happily let you sample any wine you want! Just make sure you book your appointment in advance - simply email us at support@winestore.sg or call us at 6292 2310.

    For "wedding/social event" terms (see below on that) - we will buy back up to 20% of the unused wine. See below for details.


    Wedding/social events

    If you need some wine for your wedding or a social event and you need over 4 cases - drop us a line at support@winestore.sg or call us at 6292 2310 to discuss the deal. We will do our best to serve you nicely and at a great price. We can provide free wine glass rental in Singapore too! We will also be happy to buy back 20% from the initial order, assuming the bottles stay in new condition (i.e. not opened, not damaged, stickers/labels in place, etc). So you can easily order more wine just in case your guests will be thirsty. If you order too much - we will take the unused stuff back (20% of the initial order), just bring it back into our office. Having more is better than running out of drinks, don't you think?

    Click here for more details on wedding wines.

    Bar/restaurant orders

    Are you a bar or a restaurant owner? Do you want to serve your clients some awesome wines?  Drop us a line at orders@winestore.sg or call us at 6292 2310 to discuss a recurring deal and to establish a long-lasting relationship. We will be happy to help you promote our wine at your venue. Bulk discounts, attractive terms of trade obviously also apply.



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