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Welcome to our honest, no BS “about page” – we appreciate your interest!




Why you should give us a try and then keep on buying from us? All explained in a plain, non-English native speaker’s language here:


Client focus. As we’ve tried to explain above – you people, our clients, are our most valuable asset. We want you to be happy – only this way we can continue to service you in the future and make a bit of money at the end of the day. We are a small business and don’t have mega-budgets to brain-wash you in media campaigns.


Quality product. We believe that we do sell some truly remarkable wines here. The brands may not be known to you unless you travel to NZ or Australia or the US but trust us on this one – we have spent quite a bit of time and health (all those product degustations don’t come easy you know…) selecting the wines we currently sell. Many of our wines are multi-award winners but even those that are not – they are still great it is just that sometimes the winemakers simply to not care much about show-casing some of their wines. We offer you the wines of a standard that is either not present in local supermarkets or other retailers or these wines comes with a much higher price tag.


Competitive price. To start off, the delivery is free on orders over S$150 – that takes about 5-6 bottles! As for prices - we try to be competitive and while you can easily find wines cheaper than ours in some supermarkets, well, quite often they come with an accordingly cheaper quality.


All our clients - subscribers to our mailing list get at least 5% off their orders.  Also, we occasionally carry out store-wide wine sales with combined maximum discounts reaching 15 to 20%! Same applies for bulk orders for your corporate event or a wedding or your bar or hotel - get in touch with us and we can discuss details and pricing!


And yes, just to highlight this once again, we do not sell $15/bottle wines here. Good NZ wine can sometimes cost that much back in NZ or even in US. But not in Singapore where the combined alcohol duty and taxes alone contribute anything from $11 to $13 per bottle of your average-priced wine. Plus the ocean freight, storage and handling costs, etc, etc. So if you do see any $15-18 wine in a shop (not necessary NZ) – think twice before buying since in reality you will be paying for a wine that actually costs only a dollar or so at the cellar. I leave it to you to image what wine one can usually get for such a price (although sometimes there are pleasant, lucky exceptions). Unfortunately, that is the state of things here in Singapore. Alcohol is not cheap. Period.



The little technical bit. Winestore Singapore is a sub-division of Electrotest Pte Ltd, a comparatively small private company that, apart from wine, is a distributor/agent for several products and technologies in Singapore of such companies like 3M, Samsung and several others. That’s why all invoices are made under Electrotest Pte Ltd, if you ever paid any attention to that.


Contact Info:

"WineStore Singapore"
Electrotest Pte Ltd 

45 Kallang Pudding Road,

Alpha Buiding, 09-05,

Singapore 349317

Email: support@winestore.sg
Phone: 62922310
Fax: 62922360

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